What is truth? For me, something needs to be in accordance with fact or reality for it to be true.

So why is it that so many times, especially when it comes to re-posting on social media, the truth gets warped? Facts and reality get distorted? The statements that are supposed to be correct are not double checked?

Sadly, fake news is real. It is seen whenever people report about pressing issues. Fake news is caused by the dishonesty of man, and it is an effect of how fallen our world is.

Because of fake news, it provides misleading information that manipulates the audience into thinking that that is the truth. So how do we retweet or repost, knowing that fake news is rampant in social media? Knowing that there is a possibility that we might get misled into accepting false concepts? We wouldn’t want to share something and influence people on a platform online without knowing if the thing we are sharing is supposed to be beneficial, or something foolish.

The first step in knowing what to do is to think through the things we are about to repost before just doing it impulsively. We will be able to get a clearer head, and we will be able to process what the topics are really about.

The next step involves us talking to a lot of people before reposting to see if what we will repost will give a positive effect, be something that is neutral or something that has a negative impact. Once majority of the people we’re accountable to are able to speak up on one complete thought, then we will know what is good and not good to repost.

And, finally, adequate research. If we would want to repost something involving books, movies, politics, or the state of our nation, we should be able to get reliable and credible sources to back up the whole reason as to why we are reposting.

In the end, it really goes back to that. Showing the truth in whatever we do. Even in ways that seem small, such as a simple retweet or repost, because demonstrating the truth in our actions will help and influence others to do that as well, instead of manipulating and deceiving others.

The truth is important, and our goal is to speak truth. Because God speaks truth to us all the time, and the reality of His love moves us to showing truth.

Will you be able to speak truth? Even in this world of fake news?

John 8:32 English Standard Version (ESV)

and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”