A byline is a line in an article crediting its authors. Through the Bylines series, we feature pastors and leaders who have insights to share that we might need in campus ministry. These are their messages. We write them down and deliver them to you. So, really, even as the site credits us as authors, their names should be in the byline. This Byline is from Ignite 2015 Conference Director Dan Monterde.

Last June 2 – 4, we had our Every Nation Campus Conference: Ignite 2015! It was an amazing time of worshipping, equipping and praying together with almost 15, 000 students at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

There were students from all over the Philippines and all over the globe. Joining us were about 600 foreign delegates representing 35 nations. There were also a lot of stories about how lives were changed during the event itself.

I am so thankful for the members of the team and for the volunteers who were part of this event. It’s been a great experience preparing and working on this with all of you. With that in mind, here are the top three things I learned as we prepared for and held this conference:

1. You have to love people.

When leading a conference, you deal with a lot of people. It’s so easy to start seeing people as just means to have a conference. It’s easy to treat people like workers you need because you want to deliver a great conference.

But at the end of the day, you’ll never get a great conference if you don’t bring the best out of the people. The only way to get the best out of them is to love them and care for them. Talents and skills are overrated and limited. To deliver a great conference, you have to go beyond those. You have to catch their commitment and passion. You will only get that out of them if they feel like the person leading them actually cares about them and is able to communicate the value of what they’re doing.

2. You should know your values.

The conference wasn’t as stressful as people think it was, even given the size of it. It’s because I knew what the values are and what to base my decisions on. We can put up a conference this size because we don’t have to second-guess ourselves on every decision. We knew we were making the right ones because we knew our values. We knew we wanted to deliver excellently and that we wanted a global campus ministry.

If the values are intact, then the decision-making will be easy. That makes a conference fun to run. The frustrating part about running a conference is making so many decisions but not knowing how to make them. If you have the right kind of values, execution becomes more fun and you can focus more on how to improve things.

3. You must have the right perspective of your role.

Holding the title conference director doesn’t earn you a high position or prestige in the movement. If you let the role or responsibility go to your head, it will affect how you talk to people, how you deal with people and how you value yourself. It’s a role to be fulfilled. Don’t dwell on it like it increases your value. Think of it as just another role to fulfill in making disciples.

That’s really what it’s all about.

If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s that I hope you don’t stay in the moment or get caught up in the experience. This conference was created to jumpstart you into making disciples in your campuses.

Now, go change the world!


About Dan Monterde 

Dan is currently the Every Nation Campus Operations Director. He is a loving husband to his wife, Iris, and a caring father to his children, Helena and Emilio.

Follow him on Twitter: @DANMONTERDEJR