I first came across the idea of purpose when my high school classmate was sharing about it to another friend.

I didn’t join in their discussion because I thought I was too cool to talk about it. I already had a plan for my life and I was determined to do anything to succeed.

That’s what I thought until Jesus found me a month after.

That moment, my life had a restart and I needed to find my true purpose in Jesus. Someone took the time to help me discover my purpose and I’m forever grateful for her.

You’re probably wondering, “How can I discover my purpose?” Let me share what I learned.

Finding your purpose is not crafting a to-do list, but it is meant to be a journey with the One who made you.

I’ve always loved reading about David in the Bible. Some say he happened to be at the right place and at the right time which is why he ended up a great king. But all along, it was God’s hand at work in his life.

Let us look into his story and hopefully, this will help us discover our own purpose in God.

Who: Know the Giver of Your Purpose

The best person who can help you know your purpose is the life-giver Himself. He is the only One who knows your deepest thoughts and unique wirings.

He molded you for a purpose that is uniquely your own. He has a plan for you. Seek Him, ask Him to direct you, and obey Him in all things.

The story of David began when God instructed Samuel, a prophet and judge, to go to the house of Jesse, David’s father (1 Samuel 16). Even before God instructed Samuel to go, He had already set David as the next king of Israel.

Samuel asked to see all of Jesse’s sons to see who would rightfully be placed as king. Samuel preferred David’s brothers over him because David did not look like much at that time. (He was still a teenager!) Despite Samuel’s preference and prejudice, God’s purpose prevailed and David was anointed as king. God picked a humble and unknown shepherd to be the next king of Israel.

In the same way, we know that God calls us to His purpose despite what others think or what we think about ourselves, and as we continue to rely on Him, He will lead us to His will.

What: Use What is in Your Hand

God, in His sovereignty, has been guiding us from the very beginning. Even before we knew Him, His hands have been guiding us and providing for us and will continue to do so as He leads us and as we faithfully serve Him.

What is in your hand? It may be a talent, a learned skill, an interest, a group of people you have, or just your availability. No asset is too small for God. He opens doors of opportunities leading you to discover His purpose.

Even at a young age, David was a skilled shepherd and he was faithful to the Lord. Even when no applause was heard, David enjoyed his relationship with the Lord. In moments of solitude, he was even able to write songs and poems about his devotion to God.

For a shepherd to be promoted as king is something unthinkable for many, but God prepared David. He led him to know His voice, gain life experiences, and grow in skills that would help him be a better leader to His people.

What about you? What is in your hand? As you continually walk with God, do everything with excellence and surround yourself with people who can help you continually grow.

How: Maximize your season

It is tempting to know what’s ahead, and sometimes, we end up being too consumed with the idea of the future that we neglect our season.

But we need to remember that going ahead of God’s time always ends in heartbreak. But not immediately responding to God’s leading can end badly, too.

As you grow deeper in your relationship with God, you always have a choice to make the most out of your season.

This is actually one of the hardest things for me to do in my walk with God. Faithfulness is not an overnight thing. It is a battle of priorities and is a daily decision and commitment.

Distractions can steer us away from enjoying our season to the full. You may feel that you are missing out on a lot of things just because you choose to maximize your season, but don’t compare yourself to others.

You may share the same platform with your friends, but each calling is different. Just keep trusting and following the One who created you.

David’s journey to kingship was not easy. He faced hardships, heartbreaks, and mourned deeply over the loss of his best friend.

It took him some time to receive the promise, but God was with David and He knew the best timing for him. David remained faithful to what God wants him to do in every season of his life.

The Bible applauds David for having served God’s purpose in his own generation (Acts 13:36). Just like David, I hope that our lives will serve God’s purpose for this generation and in the generations to come.