Have you ever felt unequipped, unprepared, and lacking in confidence when engaging others and preaching the gospel? Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum–you’re oozing with confidence in your ability to speak and communicate with others, knowing that you’ll be able to persuade them easily.

There are times when we get frustrated with the results of preaching the gospel: the one we’re engaging may not be interested in hearing the gospel, the one we’re doing God Test with refuses to accept the gospel. Sometimes these things could discourage us from continuing to preach the gospel. On the other side of it, some of us could also be overly confident in ourselves that we forget to rely on God in preaching His gospel. These two scenarios, though seemingly at odds with one another, are usually what happens if we are unaware of the truth about the Holy Spirit.

You’re already familiar with the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you’ve read about Him, heard countless of preachings about Him, and have even encountered Him when He gave you spiritual gifts. But the question is, do we rely on Him in preaching the gospel? Is it possible to know who He is and still not rely on Him? Could it be that we are relying too much on ourselves that we forget to depend on the Him?

Acts 1:8 says:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

When Jesus gave the great commission to go and make disciples of all nations, He made sure He didn’t leave his first disciples alone. He gave them a Helper who would empower them to witness. Jesus didn’t intend our going and making disciples to be done by our own strength.

So how did the Holy Spirit empower the early Church?

  • He cut the hearts of those who heard the Gospel. (Acts 2:37)
  • He gave them boldness to testify and the right words to say. (Acts 4:31, Acts 7)
  • He revealed the hearts of men. (Acts 5:3,10)
  • He empowered them to do signs and wonders. (Acts 5:12-16)
  • He led them specifically where to go, where NOT to go (Acts 16:6-10), and what to do (Acts 8:29, Acts 10:19, Acts 13:4)

These are just a few testimonies of how the Holy Spirit worked through the early Church (what He did in the Old Testament is not listed here yet!).

What’s my point? The same Holy Spirit that worked through them is the VERY SAME Holy Spirit who is ready and willing to empower YOU!

Below are a list of practical ways that we can apply as we rely and depend on the Holy Spirit. We can remember this with the acronym #LAP.


Form a habit of asking and listening. The more you listen, the more you’ll hear. You might ask, how? Read the Word. His Word is His voice. You don’t have to wait for an audible voice of God. When you spend an ample amount of time hearing His Word, you’ll find that He will be leading you specifically through that.


Allot a “Spirit-Led” time throughout the day. Now that sounds magical, right? But not really. For example, set 15 minutes to just ask Him to lead you. You can start your day asking, “Lord who do you want me to speak to, today? How can I effectively speak to him/her? What way do you want me to engage them–the God Test? My testimony? Through a Word of Knowledge?”

You’ll find that the more specific you are in asking Him, the more specific His answers will be. The key is to keep asking and obey in faith.

Additional Tip: If you have already received the gift of praying in the Spirit, you can exercise it here to boost your faith and connect with the Holy Spirit. You can also move in the gifting that God has given you. If it’s encouragement, then encourage. If it’s serving, then serve. If it’s eating with them, go eat! Allow God to lead you even in this.

3. PRAY.

Prayer is an act of dependence on God. It acknowledges that we can’t do any good on our own. “I don’t know how to do this or what to say, Lord, but I depend on you for the words that will come out of my lips and even for strategies in sharing the Gospel.”

Sometimes, God would just lead you to listen, ask a specific question, or do something good for the other person. The list could go on. The point is, He will lead you specifically and differently for every person that you engage.

Additional Tip: You can also ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit to be with you, and for Him to move in signs and wonders. By doing so, you acknowledge that it’s not you who opens and changes the hearts–it’s ONLY GOD! We cannot change a person’s heart–only He can.


Just remember, you don’t have to exclude the practical from the spiritual. IT IS PRACTICAL TO LISTEN AND TRUST IN THE HOLY SPIRIT.  The Holy Spirit Himself will lead you to the practical steps on how to go about preaching the Gospel (and how to go about your life, too!).

So as you listen, remember that the same Holy Spirit that empowered the New Testament disciples to go, preach the Gospel, and do signs and wonders is the same Holy Spirit that empowered the leaders who went ahead of us, and is the same Holy Spirit who desires to empower you.

Now that you understand how the Holy Spirit empowers you to be a witness, go and preach the gospel! For we trust in His promise–He will surely be with us to the very end of the age.