Whether you’re preaching, leading a small group, or talking to someone one on one, these are important to keep in mind when ministering about sex to people.

1. Speak the Word fearlessly.

We live in a world where most young people question the values handed down to them through the generations. But this doesn’t mean we will water down our message. Don’t be apologetic for sharing the life-giving Word of God. Say what it says with conviction!

2. Speak the Word joyfully.

The devil wants us to believe that God’s plan is dull and boring when nothing can be further from the truth. God designed sex for maximum enjoyment, intimacy, and attachment between a husband and wife. It’s sin that’s the killjoy, not God.

So preach with joy, thanking God for this great gift.

3. Preach the Bible, not human opinion.

Many people who reject Christianity would be surprised to find that the teachings they disagree with are not biblical, but are only human inventions. Don’t add to the confusion. When stating your opinion, say this is your opinion. Don’t make extra-biblical claims. Let the Word speak for itself.

4. Be mature, not a child.

This is not the place for childish jokes, giggling like a teenager, or making immature, offensive statements. Remember, our platform is not from ourselves. You may be young. You might be single. This might be your first time to talk about this. But you have the Holy Spirit and you’re wielding God’s Word.

5. Always connect it to the Gospel.

Don’t turn sex into a topic all by itself. Like everything else, it needs to be connected to Jesus. When it’s separated from Him, it becomes ugly and brings death. When it’s connected to Him, it’s beautiful and life-giving. Connect it to Jesus.

I’m so excited for this week and the fruit in our students’ lives as they understand the biblical perspective on sex!