You can tell Christmas season in the Philippines has begun, as early as September, when Christmas songs begin to play in the malls or on the radio. Whether classic hymn or contemporary remake, we all have that one Christmas song that will always occupy a special place in our hearts. For this round, we surveyed several people and asked them what their favorite Christmas song is and why. Here are their answers:

“[I like]Silent Night because the lines were a total opposite of the morbidity of the real reason why the baby came in the first place…[The lyrics] ‘Silent night… all is calm,’ was exactly the opposite on the day of the cross.

Edrei Canda,

ENC International Campus Ministry

“Silent Night. It’s one of my favorite Christmas carols because it was the first Christmas song I learned to play [on the] piano, and because we would sing it every Christmas Eve as a Christmas tradition… until the time that I forgot how to play it!”

Elle Cabiling,

Campus Missionary and Worship Leader

“My favorite Christmas carol is ‘O Come All Ye Faithful.’ I like the themes of rejoicing and triumph by the faithful and the angelic host that flow from the song because it imparts hope in the birth of Christ. The revelation of the Word becoming flesh, that He humbled himself to becoming like one of us, fully identifying with our humanity in order to save us from our sins, also keeps the hymn grounded on truth.  Finally, I like the song because it evokes worship when you contemplate on the glorious thing that God has done to bestow His favor upon man.”

Bishop Manny Carlos,

President, Victory Philippines

“My favorite Christmas song would be “Joy to the World” by Isaac Watts! I love how the song’s lyrics were carefully written and beautifully matched to its melody. When we sing the first line, “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!”, all the whole notes in the scale play to match that central message. I love how the word “Joy,” partnered with the highest note on the scale, communicates musically how our hopelessness now has an answer! And when the line lands with the lower octave of the same note, paired with the word “Come,” it paints a beautiful picture of God being “Emmanuel,” coming down in humility for man’s salvation! What a joyful thought that indeed moves us all to be grateful for Jesus!”

Lee Brown,

Director for Songwriting and Development; Band Leader

I like “O Holy Night” because it’s a song that not only tells the story of Jesus’ birth, but it also exults Him as Savior. So it’s not just about a baby . . . It’s about falling on your knees and surrendering to and exalting Jesus.

Janina Vela,

Victory Fort Volunteer; Social Media Influencer

Always a fan of “O Holy Night” just because it represents both the night when Jesus was born and our world today. Two lines I love the most: “A thrill of hope/ The weary world rejoices/ For yonder breaks/ A new and glorious morn.” It was weary for Joseph and Mary, for shepherds and commoners; it was weary for the people at that time. It was as weary as the feeling of darkness. Today, we have many reasons to be weary as well. There are struggles and challenges that may make anyone feel as if darkness will not be over. But it will be over and it is. A new and glorious morning has come because of and in Jesus Christ! That reality thrills me a lot!

Job Wahiman,

Director, School of Campus Ministry;

Campus Director, ENC Fort Bonifacio


We all have that one Christmas song that holds a special place in our hearts during this season. For some, it’s because these songs serve as sentimental reminders that take them back to significant memories and moments in their lives. For others, it’s because these songs point them back to the truth about Christ’s birth and the hope that He brings to mankind. As we fill our ears with the songs of the season, may they remind us that Jesus is the reason we can celebrate in the first place—not just in December, but every day of our lives.

How about you, what’s your favorite Christmas song and why?

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