With all dancing lights, Jose Mari Chan songs, and discounts everywhere, I bet excitement starts to build up in you as the season of celebration filled with joyful memories draws near. IT IS DEFINITELY THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. Aside from the usual traffic around the clock and Christmas parties blocking all our weekend nights, another exciting thing about this season is taking a break from school and its requirements. But who says this season is also a break from productivity? Moreover, what will you do with all the time you have this Christmas break?


Whether your semester is just starting or is about to end, strong coffee and energy drinks have been your companion as you pull up all-nighters. With all your unfinished term papers, yet-to-do assignments, and chaotic reviewers, Christmas break seems to be the perfect time to catch up with all the studying you need. It just might be! But as much as your mind keeps on bugging you that you need to study right now or else fail, you should also take time to rest.

This is the best time to have some quality sleep to make up for all those sleepless nights. Most of the time taking good rest is the key to be more productive for another day. Rest is not just about being physically free from activities, it is also about freeing your mind to be still and enjoy Christmas as it is.


You may also use this precious season to regain lost time with your family and friends. From attending family reunions to being involved in the family tradition of decorating your house to meeting some old friend over coffee, prioritize your key relationships this holiday. This is the time to catch up with them about all the Instagram stories you watched and the Facebook posts you liked throughout the year.

Be in the moment. Take a break from social media during these reunions; this is the best way to reconnect with them.


Pause, pray, and plan. As the year is about to end, go and ask yourself the hard question: how did your year go? Reassess your life and relationships as you seek the will of God for the coming season. Check your faith goals and resolutions and cross out what had come to pass; don’t forget to be grateful. Declutter and dream big once again as another chapter of the book of your life unfolds.


Most importantly, remember the Man at the center of this season—Jesus Christ! The true reason for this season can easily be overlooked because of the busyness and commercialization of Christmas. Instead, may this season remind you that, more than two thousand years ago, a Child was born in a manger to give us the fullest life possible. May you remember the sacrifice made for you and me so that we can have access to God. May you never forget to be grateful for the greatest gift ever given: Jesus.