If there was one topic that I never imagined I would write or preach about, it would be evangelism. I was just never good at it. I’d share my faith and either find myself boring people to sleep, or offending them. I was always envious of those testimonies where people say they led their classmate to Jesus in a divine moment in the cafeteria. That literally never happened to me. I always had to bring people to an event for them to get saved. Maybe those other Christians were just super-evangelists. Maybe God skipped me when He was giving out that gift to people.

But when we read the Bible, we see that that’s not the case. Evangelism is for everyone. Every believer is called to tell others about our faith. No one is exempted, and no one is passed over.

This is because…

Everyone needs to hear the message.

If we think that worldwide evangelism is possible because of a few super gifted people, then we’ve seriously underestimated our mission. It’s going to take more than just an elite squad of evangelists. It will require all believers to reach out to their respective circles of influence.

Everyone is called to share the message.

Jesus gave the task of preaching His gospel to all believers. He didn’t judge people according to their past, social standing, IQ, or whatever excuse we have. If the person’s life was changed, then he or she was qualified to share about what they experienced. This means all of us who believe in His gospel are called and qualified to evangelize.

Every Christian has the Holy Spirit.

Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit so God Himself would be with us. One of the most obvious effects of the Holy Spirit is the power to be a witness for Jesus. This has many implications. One of the most powerful is this: it doesn’t matter who you are, what situation you’re in, or who you’re talking to, the Holy Spirit in you gives you the power to share your faith.

As I realized these truths, I became dissatisfied with only watching other people evangelize. I wanted to do it for myself. I didn’t just want to see people getting saved in big events. I wanted to see the Holy Spirit bring someone to salvation through small conversations.

That conviction produced hours of prayer and practice that paid off. I’ve watched people come to faith in classrooms, coffee shops, offices, restaurants, and during car rides. I am so thankful that God let me be used that way.

It’s an unparalleled thrill to know that God used you to bring someone to salvation. That’s our desire for all of our readers. This month will feature many posts to help us participate in the gift, task, and privilege called evangelism.