I’ve always dreaded classroom recitations growing up. I never liked the idea of standing up in front, and telling everyone my answer.

One day, our teacher asked a question. Of all people, she called me first. I knew the answer, but I was too shy to speak up. I didn’t have the confidence to answer her in front of all my classmates. So I signalled to her that I didn’t know the answer. My teacher asked my other classmates instead, and they gave answers which I knew were all wrong. I wanted to tell them the right answer…but I couldn’t.

A lot of times, we are given opportunities to share the gospel to people we know. But we tend to come up with immediate excuses as to why we can’t share our faith. We’re quick to reason why we can’t share the gospel rather than being consumed with excitement and compassion. A lot of us would reason out, “Surely God wouldn’t use an introvert like me”, or “I don’t have what it takes to share the gospel. I’m too unqualified.” Or maybe we’ve thought this: “I’m not an evangelist.” We would rather to do other things in the ministry than share the gospel.

This begs a very important question to ask:

Is everyone an evangelist?

If not, can I still evangelize others? What do I need to have to be effective in evangelism?

The office of an evangelist is mentioned in Ephesians 4:11. This is a person who’s gifting is primarily focused on proclaiming the gospel with every opportunity given him. Another important responsibility of evangelists was to equip the believers for the works of service in terms of evangelism.

So here’s my short  answer to the question:

Not everyone is an evangelist, but everyone can actually evangelize.

Every disciple can share the gospel! Not having “the gift of evangelism” does not excuse a believer from his or her call to share Christ with others.

I believe that everyone who has experienced the power of the gospel can preach the gospel with power. Acts 1:8 declares that every follower of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, has received the power to become an effective witness. This power is available to every believer, not just the gifted ones. The great commission was given to the whole church, to every believer. Everyone has a part to play in fulfilling the great commission.

In 2 Timothy 4:5, Paul instructed Timothy, who was not an evangelist, to “do the work of an evangelist.” Sharing the gospel is never an issue of giftedness but your willingness to be His witness.

Evangelism is simply proclaiming the good news of salvation to others. Anyone who has experienced the power of the gospel in their lives can definitely share their experience of grace and forgiveness to others regardless of their personality or life experiences.

God wants the world to know about Jesus through you.

Have you experienced Christ’s love and forgiveness? Have you experienced His grace in your life? Is your answer yes? Good! Go tell others about Jesus!