Bad Leader

We all have seen examples of bad leaders. You see this in fathers who don’t love their wives or serve their children. Instead, they behave like children – being irresponsible, abusive, or absent.

Some are school leaders who use their influence to promote themselves. Some are business leaders who will make illegal and unhealthy shortcuts to make more money. Some are religious leaders who use false religion to manipulate people the wrong way. Some are political leaders who say that they are serving the country, but are really only enriching themselves.

This leadership is wrong. It is only a matter of time before they will be exposed and brought down low. Because even they have a Leader they must submit to, and He is not happy with their leadership.

No Leader

People who are tired of bad leaders sometimes think that the answer is No Leader. They don’t recognize the man’s leadership in marriage. They don’t want any titles, positions, or authority because it’s just been abused so much in the past.

While their hurts are worth listening to, the reaction is wrong for a few reasons:

  • It’s out of proportion. To say all leaders are bad because of the bad leaders you’ve seen is to disregard the good leaders that exist and serve many people. It’s kinda arrogant to assume that you know that everyone is a bad leader.
  • It’s hypocritical. Many of these people who want to abolish any signs of leadership in the home, in society, in the government, etc. want to gain influence and be heard by others. They want to lead people away from leadership. In other words, they’re saying, “There should be no other leaders, but me and people who think like me.”
  • It’s nonsensical. I met someone who had gathered this group of offended Christians. He said, “There aren’t any leaders among us. Because leaders always abuse power.” I asked him what he called himself since he gathered the group together, set the agenda, and talked the most in the meetings. He gave me some term like “I’m just a man among my peers.” He was leading the group, but didn’t want to say it. Soon, he left them for another career opportunity.

People who have been hurt by Bad Leadership have a legitimate complaint. But the answer isn’t No Leadership. The answer is the next one.

Good Leadership

Good Leadership is Servant Leadership. Servant Leaders work hard for the people. They don’t monopolize power, they spread it around. They will make personal sacrifices to ensure that others will gain.

We’ve all seen bad leadership. Some of us have even experienced it. But the answer is Good Leadership. And Good Leadership is Servant Leadership.

That is why having Jesus as your Leader (your Lord) is the best answer to life because no where else do we see a more complete servant leader. He had all the power and He used it to make the best possible life for us – eternal life with Him. When we come under His leadership, we can lead like Him.