One of the core values of our movement is evangelism. Scripture shows us that God’s heart and reason for coming into this world is to “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). The same Scripture also teaches us to be more like Jesus every day. This means having the same heart as Christ has for the lost. So how could we live a lifestyle of actively preaching the gospel like Jesus?


1. Be hungry in understanding God’s heart for others

Before anything else, we must first remove any misguided views that we have about evangelism. Many times we think of it as a burden or a task. Having this kind of mindset tends to make us either haphazard, hesitant evangelists, or aggressive and offensive ones.

But evangelism is so much more than that. Yes, it is a command we’ve received from Jesus, but it is also the privilege that we have of sharing with others the greatest gift we’ve ever received.

Our free gift of salvation we’ve received in Jesus Christ, and not our begrudging compliance to his command, is the starting point of evangelism. It is from our understanding and experience of the saving, life-changing power of the gospel (Romans 1:16) where we could begin sharing this with others. It is God’s love, and not our spiritual gifts or skills set, that compels us to share the gospel to others.

We can nourish a heart for evangelism by meditating on God’s Word everyday and asking Him to show us His heart for the lost.  As we come to know the love of Jesus, we will also be able to extend the same love to others.

2. Be missional in building your relationships

To live a lifestyle of evangelism also means that we don’t stop with just one, two, or three people hearing the gospel. We leave the 99, and go after that one lost sheep.

That said, we need to ask ourselves:

Who do I most spend my time with? Is it with believers or unbelievers?

Where do spend most of my time? Is it in church or where we would find the lost?

What do I mostly talk about with others? Do I talk about God when the opportunity presents itself?

While it is not bad to fellowship with God’s people, we need to be clear about where our mission field as Christians are. Hint: It’s not inside the four walls of our church buildings.

Another question to ask is, how intentional are you in spending time with those who need to hear the gospel?

Jesus clearly knew who he needed to spend time with and talk about the Kingdom of God to. He did not hang around the religious leader who have memorized and pressured others about the law. Rather, he chose to be with the rejects and those considered unclean in society. Just as he said in Mark 2:17, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”


Evangelism is a lifestyle that can only be grasped if we’ve experience the weight of what Jesus did for us. If the message of the cross didn’t have much of an impact in our life, it would be difficult for us to preach the gospel to that one friend, classmate, or family member who still needs to know about Jesus.