We just finished our 2015 Staff Summit here in CAP Center in Camp John Hay. This is the time when our campus missionaries from Every Nation Philippines meet for Vision, Connection, and Direction.

It took a lot of effort and expense on everyone’s part to make it. There were teams of volunteers running Kid’s Church, taking photos, leading worship, and providing admin support. We had pastors coming to speak and lead worship. Our National Office have been working for months to prepare for the three day event. And all the campus missionaries and their families paid for their own travel expenses to make it to Baguio. Many of them came from other provinces and they arrived at odd hours of the day – some as early as 3 AM.

With all the difficulty and expense that comes with an event like this, it can be easy to wonder, “Is it worth it?”


The impact of coming together and seeing one another face to face allows for more intimate conversations, greater encouragement, and more powerful synergy. Sometimes you don’t even need to actually speak, but the power of being in the same room together cannot be replaced by any new technology or snazzy management fad.

As I look back at the past three days and consider how much God has done within us and among us, I realize that this could only have happened by being together. And just as we enjoy the benefits of coming together with like-minded people on the same mission, my prayer is we also do our best to create environments around us that help create that atmosphere of coming together.

It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. But just make the effort to be together, and enjoy the benefits.


  • Don’t skip that small group meeting. The lesson is only part of the point. The relationships built in the meeting are even more important.
  • Don’t disappear as soon as the service or small group meeting is over. Take a few minutes to talk with others.
  • Don’t eat lunch alone. Sit with someone. You’ll spend the time anyway.
  • Take some time to today to text, IM, email, message a good friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Make an appointment to see each other within the month.
  • Don’t think of fellowship, hanging out, and conversation as a waste of time. There is more learning, maturing, and growing there than you realize.
  • Discipline your schedule. Time to hang out comes when you aren’t rushing from one thing to another. Coming together will require an investment of time and energy.

I hope this helps. Let’s all be people who will walk together with one another and build these environments wherever we go.