Long breaks are unavoidable. Here are 6 ways that can turn those dreaded and unproductive hours into fruitful, enjoyable times. Feel free to tag your school-mates so that you can do it together!

1. Help others
Reaching out to your classmates doesn’t have to be expensive. Looking for ways to help them understand their lessons or offering to pray for them as they dive deep into the abyss (more commonly known as thesis) are just a few ways to be of service to them.

2. Eat
This should make it to the top of the list because breaks are made for eating. Instead of just chowing down on your siomai rice alone, try sharing a meal with one or two classmates that you can engage and preach the gospel to. A meal in their tummy helps prepare them to listen to the good news you’re about to share!

3. Build friendships
Use this time to build with the students who are part of your small group, church, or campus ministry. Small group meetings, campus ministry events, and youth services aren’t the only venues where you could share your life with them. This could be the perfect opportunity to share about what God’s doing in your lives, encourage, and pray for one another.

4. Actually study
I know that it’s not the most popular of choices, but getting stuff done in school before going home frees up your time for resting, doing your chores, hugging your dogs, bonding with your family members, and sleeping on time. Not bad, right?

Speaking of study, why not use this time to study the word of God? If you’ve been trying to find more time to read the Bible, here it is!

5. Rest
Find places where you can safely rest or take short naps to regain strength. This method of refreshing your brain could spell the difference when you need to memorize information for a quiz or exam.

6. Take a walk
This is a good activity for those who want to keep in shape. Walking around your campus, adventure style, is great exercise for your body and spirit. Start praying casually about different areas in your school. Take time to write down the vision you see for that particular area (i.e. “I see this cafeteria to be filled with victory groups who are growing in God.”). Believe for more opportunities to pray for people you meet with along the way as well.

How we handle our time reveals what we value in our hearts. As we get to know God more, the more we understand what is important to Him. During these breaks, may we discover how much time we actually have on our hands, and how much impact we can make right now on campus.