“Everyone can be a leader,” said Dr. Jun Escosar, overall Missions Director and member of the Philippine Apostolic team of Every Nation Philippines, when asked about how to identify a leader.

He explained that since leadership is about influence, then not only can anyone be capable of being a leader, but also anyone is capable of raising leaders. It’s all a matter of taking that step of faith and trusting in the grace of God.

There are some leaders that have the capacity and anointing to lead multiple thousands, others multiple hundreds, while others only fifties and others tens, but the factor of influence still remains as a major component of leadership whatever the number of followers they have.

Sometimes leaders are passive, insecure, not empowering, and have no vision to grow. Others simply do not prioritize leadership development, and end up being stagnant.

“It [Leadership Development] is as important as an engine of a car,” he said. “It’s what drives the church. If we don’t develop leaders, and like a car with no engine, we stall.”

It was Pastor Steve Murrell who identified Dr. Jun as a leader. Before he became a pastor, Dr. Jun dreamt of becoming a politician, running for Mayor, then Senator, then President of the Philippines. But during a discipleship meeting, Pastor Steve asked him to prayerfully take into consideration the plans the Lord had for his life, instead of just his own desires. After seeking God, he knew that the Lord was clearly calling him into the ministry. He obeyed, and the rest is history.

He himself was able to identify many leaders, one of which was Pastor Ross Rosuello. He helped Pastor Ross in that journey of taking step of faith to obey and trust God by going into full time ministry. Today Pastor Ross is the Senior Pastor of our thriving Tuguegarao church of over a thousand members. He has also raised so many leaders and has planted a number of churches.

After 30 years in the ministry, he offers this advice to the new breed of leaders:

“Submit to Christ’s Lordship. Be discipled, mentored, and walk with a team. Redeem every opportunity to get trained and to serve. Faithfully pursue and serve God’s call on your life. Don’t be so intense. Enjoy life with spiritual family. Enjoy serving. Walk in absolute humility and dependence on God. Live a pure, consecrated life for Jesus.”